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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Webinar Participant Guidelines: Important Webinar Etiquette.

Webinar participant guidelines, webinar etiquette.
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Most important webinar participant guidelines. Webinar etiquette which must be followed by every participant.

"First impression is the last impression".

We all has heard this line many times, right? And somehow it is a right statement.

The same rule apply when you are hosting or attending any conference. Now it doesn't matter whether the conference is physical or virtual.

Our etiquette can either present us as a professional or as an amateur.

Now the same thing apply while hosting a webinar or while attending a webinar. Webinar etiquettes are important for smooth running of any type of webinar. Host and audience or listeners are two parties of webinar. Now these webinar etiquettes apply on both the parties.

To understand it into a better way let's move to the webinar participant guidelines.

These webinar etiquettes or webinar participant guidelines are important for every type of video conferencing. 

If you want to run a professional and smooth webinar then you must take a look on these guidelines.

Webinar guidelines for host or presenter.

To put a positive impact, a host must have command on its audience. To do so, a host must have to be look professional. Its important to look professional but don't confuse it with being serious.

You have to look professional not serious or tensed. Your webinar etiquette can save you from humiliation of looking like an unprofessional.

Follow these easy rules to look more professional.

Maintain eye contact:-

This is the first thing you can do to look more professional in front of you audience. Try to maintain eye contact with your audience throughout the webinar.

I know, I know you must bebe thinki that how it is possible to maintain eye contact in webinar because there are lots of people available at one time.

It doesn't matter how many people you are hosting. Just maintain eye contact with them who ask you something or suggest you something.

In other words maintain eye contact while talking to a specific person.

This will make you look more confident and professional.

Check your tools:-

Since you are hosting then it is important to come online earlier and check the whole setup before other participants join you.

Check your mic and software.
Are they working properly. Because if there will be a glitch during the session then it will look very unprofessional.

Also any kind of glitch can break your contact with your audience. Any kind of technical problem will distract your audience from the topic.
So it is important to make a quick check to all webinar tools which you are going to use.

Choose a silent hosting place:-

Suppose you are hosting a webinar and someone is shouting outside which not only you but also your audience is hearing.
Vehicles are honking and the sound is distracting the whole webinar.

This sounds very unprofessional, right?

So to avoid these kind of problems you must choose a place with no noise.

Choose a silent room where no outside noise can disturb your session.

Repeat the questions every time:-

If someone ask you a question and you start directly giving the answer without repeating the question then this may confuse the audience that what you are talking about.

This confusion will not let them follow the conversation and they will remain confused throughout the webinar.

That's why repeating the question is a good webinar etiquette. So  to avoid this kind of confusion it is important to repeat the question before giving the answer.

In that way the whole audience will understand that what you are talking about.

Be prepared and confident:-

This is the power of webinar that both the parties can see and talk to each other.

They can give suggestions and can ask questions.

So being an host, it is important for you to be prepared to answer the questions of your audience.
Answer them with confident. Give them a satisfying answer and don't loose your confidence.

If you will answer them nervously then this will put a negative impact on audience. It will project you as an miserable host in front of your audience.

Now just like a presenter, audience must also follow some webinar guidelines to make a webinar successful.
If you, as an viewer, will follow these guidelines then you will be able to contribute in successful run of a webinar.

Webinar guidelines for audience.

Be there on time:-

For starters you can start from being on time at webinar.

Participate in session from starting to end. If you will join the session in the middle, then everyone's attention will go astray. It will disturb the session.

Also if you will not join the session from start then it will not be easy to follow the session.

So being a responsible participant you must attend the webinar on time.

Mind your language:-

Its not a meeting with your friends or a friendly group chat. It is a webinar. So you have to be careful with your words. Don't use bad language during the session.

Apart from this, you should also avoid doing absurd talking. Just be relevant to the theme and try not to disturb others.

Let others talk:-

Have a question? Want to ask something from host?

Then wait for your turn. Don't disturb others. If the presenter is still answering to someone's question then it is better to wait for you turn. Don't rush.

Also if you have a question then just raise your hand instead of screaming your questions on screen. If the presenter don't notice you then just text him you question. Since webinar softwares offer live chatting option so you can use that feature to ask your question.

Discuss, don't fight:-

Webinars are for healthy discussions not for fighting and arguments. If you find out that your thoughts on any specific are different from other then just discuss about it. You attend webinar for discussion not for fighting with each other.

Webinar is not a one person activity. It is a one to many type conversation method which can broadly categorised in two parts i.e. audience and host. Etiquettes of both the parties can make a webinar successful.

Do you like these webinar participant guidelines?
If you do then share it with others.

Peace out!


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