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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Host Free Webinar With These Powerful Webinar Services.

Free webinar
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Don't purchase it if you don't wanna buy, list of free webinar tools give them a try. 

Want Some Help To Host A Free Webinar?

 So finally you are here hosting your first webinar. Yeah I know that feeling. You feel kind of euphoria.

Before hosting a webinar you have to go through a lot of work. Choosing the right platform for your webinar is one of them. Before investing your money in any webinar hosting software, it is better to research about it so that you can save you and your money from being wasted.
You can start with hosting a free webinar.

Yes you heard it right. There are a lots of webinar services which allows you to host a free webinar. You just need to go and find them or you can just sit back and read this post because in this post we have enlisted best webinar services which will offer you the benefits of hosting a free webinar.

Note:- Hosting a free webinar is great but some services in this list only offers a free trail for few months in which you can use their services for limited time period and then you have to upgrade your plan. But few services, in this list, are completely free.

With that note let's move to the list.

Free webinar services list.

There are a few services which are completely free and cost you nothing. So let's just start with fully free webinar services and then we will move to semi- free webinar services.

YouTube live:-

YouTube live is the best example of free webinar services. You don't have to pay a single penny to go live on YouTube.

Although it have its own limitations but still it is a good platform for you if you are new or want to start with hosting a free webinar.

Hosting a live session in YouTube live is much easier than other webinar tools. You can host a free webinar on YouTube with this amazing guide.

If we talk about features of YouTube live then the biggest feature and benefit of YouTube live is that it is free of cost. You need not to spend money on expensive webinar tools  to go live with your audience.

The second feature on which you can count is its huge audience potential. YouTube is a hub for billions of users and audience. If you are hosting a webinar publicly then it will attract more and more audience which might interest into your niche.

Here YouTube live offers another feature of hosting enlisted and private stream. If you want to invite only specific audience to your webinar then you can use private streaming.

Plus you can add another presenter on YouTube live. There are no limits of participants into YouTube live. You can invite as many people as you want.

You don't have to use screen recording because once you will stream a live video on YouTube then that video will automatically get saved there.

Cons of YouTube live:-

When you are using a free webinar services then you have to face some drawbacks too.

  • Although YouTube live have screen sharing feature but it doesn't have feature of sync presentation. If you want to run a presentation during a webinar then you can only do it by screen sharing. It means when you will run a presentation on YouTube live then your audience will only able to hear you but they won't see you.
  • You have to compromise with quality of your stream. Quality of broadcast is very important if you are demonstrating some technical aspects or sharing data graphs or pictures.
  • Now imagine you are hosting a smooth webinar on YouTube live and bang. An advertisement came and distract the whole session. Trust me neither you nor your audience will like it. But you have to deal with it because as I say free services always come with drawbacks.

Facebook live:-

Similar to YouTube live, Facebook live also offers free streaming service for their users. 

Frankly, there is not much difference between these two services but still Facebook live offers a few different features which might not available in YouTube live.

For example, on Facebook we already have list of followers and friends so you don't have to start from zero but if you start a YouTube channel then you have 0 subscribers or followers. So you have to start from zero. Also Facebook friends will not only join your stream but will also share your session with others.

Facebook has an awesome feature of live map. This feature help you to see how many live streams are going on Facebook around the world. You can also see how many people are watching it.

Reaction feature is an amazing part of Facebook live. So you can react to the stream instead of just liking it.

Cons of Facebook live:-

  • Once again since you are using a free webinar service then you have to face quality issues. The worst part is that you can host a webinar only upto a quality of 720p. Its video quality is not even equal to YouTube streams.
  • If you are using Facebook live as a free webinar tool then occasional glitches and slowing of video is a common thing. Sometimes stream stops automatically.
  • Facebook live streams are accessible to all audience of Facebook which are in billions. That's why Facebook has tighten its censorship policies. So in case of any violation of their policy standards, your stream can be stop in middle.


If you really want to use a free webinar service then freeconferencecall is the best option for you.

Because freeconferencecall allows you to host stream or webinar with 1000 of participants. But the biggest and the rarest feature is that it is free.
Yes whether you host a webinar with 10 people or with 1000 people you need not to pay a single dollar.

You heard it right. I am not talking about any trail or something. It is completely free of cost. Freeconferencecall offers 1GB storage data too.
It also come with all basic webinar features which you need for hosting a webinar.

Now since it is free then there will definitely be some drawbacks in their services.
Let's have a look...

Cons of freeconferencecall:-

  • The biggest complaint about their service is that their network sometimes goes down and you have to start the call again. Low and slow network is the biggest drawback of their service.
  • Their service is not browser based or cloud based which means you have to download the software in you device before using it.
  • 1GB storage data is a little low. They must offer more storage options for their users.
Now we already have talked about some of the best webinar services which are completely free of cost and their use do not cost you a single penny. The thing is that these free services have a lots of cons which make them not so ideal tools for Webinar hosting. Although they are great if you are hosting a less professional webinar but if your are looking for professionalism then you have to loose your a pocket a little bit. So the tools which are mentioned further in this post are paid tools or most of their services come with paid version.

I have enlisted only those services which offers free trail for their users.


Skype is not a typical webinar tool. It is generally categorised as corporate meeting tool not as a webinar software. People consider it more suitable for business meeting rather than using it for webinars.

But still it is a good tool if you are hosting a small group Webinar. Most of features are free in Skype.
Its free features include...

  1. Skype to Skype calls.
  2. One to one video call.
  3. Sending texts.
  4. Voice messages.
  5. Screen sharing.
  6. Contact sending.
All these services are completely free for its users but if you want some extra service benefits then you have to pay for it.
In simple words, Skype is a good video conference tool for very small groups. If I say it more specifically then it is a good tool for one to one video calling. But still if you have small group to host you can give it a try.

Cons of Skype:-
  • Skype is very bad in filtering the sound. It easily picks up noises of surrounding. This can distract the session.
  • Skype crashes more often. Sometimes it ends the video itself which is not good if you are hosting a webinar.
  • Skype does not have the feature of call recording.


Zoom is also not a fully free webinar service but still it provide a free package with limited access of their services. The biggest plus point of zoom is that it does not require to download any software to use it. It is a cloud based service. Take a look on free services offered by zoom.

  1. With free version of zoom you can host 100 participant at one time if you want to host more then that then you have to upgrade you plan.
  2. If you are doing one to one meeting with zoom free version then there is no time limit in that but if you want to host a group discussion then you can host it only upto 40 minutes.
  3. Free version also provide group collaboration feature.
Cons of zoom:-
  • Zoom has some serious security issues. "Zoom Bombing" is most incident in which hackers break into the live conference and spread threats and abuse the participants. Zoom must have to fix this bug first of all.
  • Calls interception is another area in which zoom need to take serious steps. This is the most common complaint reported by its users.
Some tools in this list were either free of or very less expensive. But these tools also have some glitches and technical drawbacks. These tools are good if you are hosting a non professional conference or hosting a very small level webinar but these tools are not good enough in hosting of large level webinars.

For that purpose you must have to choose those softwares or services which are specifically designed for this purpose (webinar hosting).

Down here I have enlisted top softwares/services which are known for their speciality in webinar hosting.

* Note:- I have enlisted only those tools which offers free tails for their customers. Names mentioned down there offers 30 days or less free trail to their customers.


Demio is one of those paid softwares which provide premium services to their customers. Demio is a cloud based software which means you need not to download it. Just one click and you are ready to use it.

It offers HD video quality and easy to navigate interface to its users. Demio provide great storage capacity too.

It provides storage for 100 Webinar recordings. Let's take look on its cool and amazing features.

Features of Demio:-

  • First of all Demio provide a 14 days trail period to their users. In these 14 days they will provide you full access of all of their features.
  • Demio provide 24/7 live chat support with a response time of 5 minutes or less. So feel free for any kind of assistance.
  • Demio offers automatic recording system. It records all your session in HD quality in clouds. You can download your session any time in MP4 quality.
  • Demio comes with integrated polls system. If you ask your audience any questions then it will show you the stats of their answer. You can either hide them or share them with your attendees.
Demio offers huge sets of features. You can check all features on this page.
Now since this is not a free service so take a look on its price list and features which comes with every pack you purchase.

Price plans of Demio:-

Demio offers three different price plans to its customers.

  1. Starter pack for $34/month in which you can host 50 attendees.
  2. Growth pack for $69/month in which 150 attendees are allowed.
  3. Business pack for $163/month in which 500 attendees are allowed.
You can check the full info on their official site.


Another great tool which makes its place into our list. Just like Demio, this is also a great software which provide premium services to their customers. There is a very little difference among the both. Demio is suitable for all customer size but WebinarNinja is considered better for small groups of customers.

Features of WebinarNinja:-

  • Just like Demio, WebinarNinja provides 14 days trail period for their customers. Within these 14 days you are allowed to use their services absolutely free.
  • WebinarNinja comes with lots of integrated apps like Aweber, MailChimp, Convertkit, Active Campaign, Hubspot and 1000 of more.
  • On WebinarNinja you can run Live, Automated, Hybrid and Series webinars.
  • Fastest in webinar setup. Start hosting in just 10 seconds.
Price plans of WebinarNinja:-
WebinarNinja offers four pricing plans to their customers. Take a look on it...
  1. Starter pack for $39/month dollars which allows you to host 100 attendees.
  2. Pro plan for $79/month dollars which allows you 300 hundred attendees.
  3. Plus plan for $129/month which allows 500 attendees.
  4. Power plan for $199/month which allows 1000 live webinar attendees.
Check full information on their official site.


Last but not the least, clickmeeting is one of those top level webinar software which are best in their work. Clickmeeting is browser-based service which works with all operating systems.

Features of Clickmeeting:-
  • Clickmeeting provides 30 days trail period to their customers.
  • Clickmeeting is a fully customisable software. You can connect your in-house application, CRM, CMS with Clickmeeting by using your advance API.
  • Clickmeeting provides whiteboard presentation facility.
  • Clickmeeting has multi-factors authentication options for your security.
Check all features offered by Clickmeeting.
Pricing plans of Clickmeeting:-

Clickmeeting has annual billing system. It has three plans.
  1. Live for $25/month.
  2. Automated for $40/ month.
  3. Clickmeeting has an enterprise plan too. If you want details about this plan then check out their official site.

Now it's your time to roll:-

If you are just starting then choosing a free webinar service is not a bad idea.

But if you are planning to host more professional webinar then it is good to go with a better platform with lots of features. Free webinar services are good but they can't match the quality of paid tools.

I can just advice you to choose a free webinar if you areare j starting then eventually you can move to paid webinar tools.
Happy Hosting,

Peace out!


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